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Special Matcha Sakura Scones, Luxurious Snacks that are Suitable to Eat After Work | Dream.co.id

Special Matcha Sakura Scones, Luxurious Snacks that are Suitable to Eat After Work |  Dream.co.id

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After work is best used to relax. Especially if you are in the middle of a bustling Jakarta which sometimes gives you a sense of stress. However, to be more efficient, it would be better if you just relax at home, not to the cafe every day.

To keep the impression as luxurious as when you’re in a cafe, try serving matcha sakura scones. This special snack is the fruit of Bon Bon Bites Jakarta’s creation. So, how does it feel?

Has a Soft Texture in the Mouth

Scones made by Bon Bon Bites Jakarta have a special soft texture when eaten. It’s so soft, sometimes even your teeth don’t have time to chew vigorously, these scones melt in your mouth right away.

The texture will turn out to be delicious on the tongue. The cream cheese and strawberry filling in it can make your tongue sway. Moreover, the matcha aroma is also quite pronounced.

Interestingly, Bon Bon Bites Jakarta is able to combine these various raw materials into one perfect combination of flavors. Nothing is lacking or outstanding, the pleasure is really so perfect when eaten.

Using Premium Ingredients

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Not without reason why these matcha sakura scones deserve to be called luxury food. Because, Bon Bon Bites Jakarta makes it with the best raw materials. From the raw material matcha to make the scones, to the filling.

For this delicious filling, Bon Bon Bites Jakarta chose fresh strawberries and quality cream cheese. Both of these ingredients are measured with the right composition, so that the flavors can be perfectly combined.

Perfect for serving with hot or cold drinks

Interestingly, these matcha sakura scones are delicious combined with a variety of favorite drinks. Be it a cup of hot green or black tea, or a cold cup of matcha tea.

Enjoy while reading a book, watching your favorite series, or just relaxing while listening to a song. In addition, Bon Bon Bites Jakarta makes these matcha sakura scones to order.

In addition to ensuring the quality of the raw materials, consumers also get the experience of eating quality and fresh matcha sakura scones at home. To make it easier to order, just pre-order through ManisdanSedap.com.

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