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Sorghum Harvesting in Jombang, Minister of Agriculture SYL Invites to Build National Food Security | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo harvests sorghum in Carangrejo Village, Kesamben District, Jombang, East Java, Thursday (15/9).

According to the Minister of Agriculture, SYL, Jombang is the time to take momentum and play a role in securing national food security by producing sorghum as a substitute for wheat which is currently under pressure due to the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“Jombang must be more accelerative. Not even only Jombang, other regions must also secure our food,” said the Minister of Agriculture.

In East Java, sorghum has been developed in Lamongan, Bojonegoro, Tuban, Pacitan, Sampang, Sumenep and Probolinggo areas with productivity reaching 2.5 tons to 3 tons per hectare.

Therefore, East Java is the top five national sorghum producers besides East Nusa Tenggara, West Java, West Kalimantan and Central Java. The realization of planting sorghum in this province in 2022 will reach 200 hectares.

The Minister of Agriculture explained, Sorghum is a plant that has long been known. It’s been around since our ancestors. In fact, this crop has great economic potential with a high degree of adaptation.

“This sorghum has many benefits, Mr. Deputy, Mrs. Emma, ​​all parts of it can be used, it can be used as food (rice, sugar) dregs for feed, and energy. And for sure, Sorghum has resistance to pest attacks, so it’s not complicated, no technology is needed sophisticated and special care,” he said.

In Jombang itself, in the future the area of ​​land that will be developed for planting sweet sorghum according to Kristinan Benny, Founder of PT Sedana Panen Sejahtera is 50 hectares.

PT Sedana Panen Sejahtera is a company that is developing sweet sorghum in Jombang with its derivative products in the form of sugar (sand and brown sugar) rice and flour. Currently has a mini plant in the Kedungmlati area.

“Until now, perhaps PT Sedana Panen Sejahtera can produce crystal sugar from Sorghum in the world,” said Kristinan.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Food Crops of the Ministry of Agriculture, Suwandi who accompanied him, said that Sorghum was a good commodity to be developed when the threat of a global food crisis hit.

According to Suwandi, apart from being a program to support national food security, sorghum also has a high economic value.

Sorghum, Suwandi further explained, is a drought tolerant plant so it does not require a lot of water during its growth. In fact, he continued, harvesting sorghum can be done repeatedly (3-5 times) in one planting period.

“This commodity can be used for various needs, ranging from stems, leaves and roots can be used. This means zero waste. The seeds are used as a food source as a substitute for wheat for various processed bread and cake products. The leaves and stems are used as animal feed and the stems can be used as animal feed. used as a source of bioethanol, liquid sugar and crystal sugar,” he concluded.



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