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Soap war between Body Wash, Shower Gel, and Bar Soap

Soap war between Body Wash, Shower Gel, and Bar Soap

Poptren.voice.com – If all this time you have chosen soap only based on its aroma, try to start choosing according to your skin’s needs. The reason is, each soap has its own composition and function.

What difference Among body wash, shower geland bar soap?

Quoted from the page Healthline Basically, these three types of soap have the same function, namely removing dirt from the surface of the skin. It’s just that the mechanism used is different.

Bar soap works by dissolving dirt on the surface of the skin by breaking down the oily layer that builds up due to dirt and sweat.

Meanwhile, body wash also works for the same thing, except that this product is usually mixed with additional ingredients for skin care such as skin dehydration, exfoliation, and clogged pores. body wash usually equipped with ingredients to re-hydrate the skin.

Furthermore, shower gel one of the mildest and least hydrating body cleansers, shower gel tends to just clean the skin without moisturizing.

Reasons to Use Body Wash or Shower Gel

When the skin is dry

When you see that your skin starts to peel, flake, or feels dry when you shower, this means it’s time for you to replace body cleansing products with shower gel or body wash. The ingredients in it can lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated

When the skin is in bad condition

If you have chronic skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, or acne, you may want to see a doctor to ask what type of soap is best for you. The possible answer they will give is shower gel or body wash. But of course you need to be wary of the additional ingredients they use.


Various types of soap are already equipped with natural or synthetic exfoliating ingredients. On soap body wash and body wash, this content is more commonly found. When using bath soap, don’t forget to use a washcloth, spongeor loofah so that the skin peels off quickly.

Worried about Bacteria

Use shower gel or body wash of course there is no need to worry that their soap is already in the hands of many people. This is a positive side because it was reported by research but the study found that there was a slight risk of bacterial contamination in bar soap.

Reasons to Use Bar Soap

Environmentally friendly

Bar soaps tend to be more environmentally friendly when compared to the two types of soap above. This is because ordinary bar soap is packaged in recyclable packaging, while body wash or shower gel usually packed in big plastic.

Have Allergies

Bar soaps tend to have fewer mixed ingredients. They usually do not require preservatives to maintain stability, which means they are free of parabens.

When you shower, what kind of soap do you use? bestie ?

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