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Snake Hiding in Motor Body, Bogor Regency Fire Department intervenes | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A snake about 2 meters long suddenly entered the body of a resident’s Yamaha Nmax motorcycle on Jalan Bintang Mas, Nanggewer Village, Nanggewer Village, Cibinong District, Bogor Regency, Tuesday (13/9). The reptile was eventually evacuated by the fire department.

The Bogor Regency Fire Service Rescue Team received a report regarding the presence of snakes at around 07.00 WIB. The snake was known to be of the Koros type and has now been evacuated to the Bogor District Fire Department.

“So the motorbike owner, when he got off his motorbike, a colleague told him that a snake had entered his motorbike and couldn’t be seen again,” said Arman Riyanto, the Head of Rescue 1 for the Bogor Regency Fire Department.

After seeing a snake enter the body of the motorbike, the residents then reported to the Bogor Regency Fire Department to evacuate. The officers had to dismantle the body of the Yamaha Nmax motorcycle to catch the snake.

“We dismantled the body of the motorbike. For about an hour, we managed to secure the snake to the Fire Department,” explained Arman.



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