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SMEs in Banten Able to Absorb 235,022 Workforce | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Assistant for Economics and Development for the Regional Secretary of Banten Province, Muhammad Yusuf said, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) and Micro and Small Enterprises (UKM) are able to provide opportunities to open new jobs and high employment. So that it can reduce the unemployment rate and poverty in Banten.

“Banten Province is still very high in the number of unemployed if it is ranked in Indonesia it may be in the top row,” said Yusuf, at the Cilegon Small and Medium Enterprises Identification Number (NIB) event, Thursday (15/9).

In 2019, SMEs in Banten Province were dominated by the food industry, which reached 44.60 percent and became one of the growing economic activities. Based on the annual small and medium industry survey, there are 113,000,139 businesses spread across the Regency and City of Banten Province.

“Micro and small businesses at most 30,200 micro businesses or 26.7 percent are in Lebak Regency and followed by Pandeglang Regency as much as 21,534 or 19 percent,” he added.

SME companies in Banten Province have absorbed a workforce of 235,022 people, namely the food industry has absorbed a workforce of 91,476 people. then apparel industry as many as 34,508 people, wood and cork goods industry excluding furniture as many as 3,056 people.

“And as many as 63.36 percent are male workers and the remaining 36.64 percent are women. Meanwhile, for the grouping of workers according to their education level, it is known that 39.43 percent only graduated from elementary school, 26.76 percent of junior high school, 14.01 percent and 13.81 did not finish elementary school, and the remaining 5.98 percent were SMK, Diploma 3 or S1,” he said.

Therefore, the presence of MSMEs is considered to be able to equalize the economy in various corners of the community in remote areas and be able to meet their needs without the need to visit big cities, moreover the total number of SMEs in Indonesia reaches 99.9 percent of the total business units in Indonesia so that MSMEs have a big role in contribute to an equitable economy in the country. [azz]

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