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Sleman Police Detains 5 Suspects of Riots Between Supporters, Bows Weakly

Sleman Police Detains 5 Suspects of Riots Between Supporters, Bows Weakly

PURWOKERTO.SUARA.COM, YOGYAKARTA – Sleman Police (DIY) detained five suspects related to the riots between football club supporters that occurred on Monday (25/7/2022). The commotion occurred in Babarsari, Gejayan, the Tugu Jogja area and Fly over Jombor.

From one of the suspects, with the initials GAM, the police confiscated evidence in the form of a 29-centimeter dagger, a sickle with a wooden handle, and a motorcycle. Meanwhile, from the suspect AM, the police confiscated a stick bottom 50 centimeters long, a hoodie and a motorbike.

“Currently, the process of investigating the suspect is still being carried out based on five types of police reports received by the Resort Police and the ranks of the Police.
However, the motive for carrying a sharp weapon is said to be a precaution and to be used when an opponent is attacked,” said the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sleman Police, Rony Prasadana on Tuesday (26/7/2022) in a written statement.

Furthermore, at night around 21:00 WIB, in front of the Bendan gas station on the Solo-Jogja road, the police secured MAL and TH, each 22 years old. Both were arrested by officers while securing the road that was passed by the supporters Just Solo.

“They were caught swinging a long object which was later known as a Baseball Stick to other road users,” continued Rony.

He continued, from the suspect’s hands, apart from confiscating baseball bats, officers also secured a black knock stick. These two objects are recognized by the perpetrators for
scare road users, especially supporters who return home after the Persis Solo vs God United.

“Still in the hunting patrol carried out by the police following yesterday’s friction, our personnel searched the motorcyclist waiting at the Janti T-junction at 23:00 WIB,” said Rony.

According to him, initially officers who were suspicious of the suspect’s movements conducted an interrogation. He continued, the suspect did not admit that they were part of the PSIM supporters who were blocking the Persis Solo supporters.

“From the search of the MAN suspect, the officers found a 25-centimeter karambit. These cases are purely from the hunting patrols of colleagues in the area in the range,” concluded Rony. (Arif KF)


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