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Sitting Cases of Car Rental Fraud Drags Celebrity Jessica Iskandar | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Party Police The Bali Police, explained about the issue of Jessica Iskandar’s Toyota Alphard car which had been secured by the Bali Police Directorate General.

The Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Kombes Satake Bayu, said that this case was still under investigation, because the reported Stefanus Christopher alias Steven had not fulfilled the 2 investigators’ summons.

However, in the media reports that the car used as evidence was used by an irresponsible person, this is not true news.

“In this case, it is still in the process of being investigated and investigators are still exploring this case. The chronology of the incident will be explained later by the Dirreskrimum Polda Bali, but in media reports it is said that the car that became evidence that is known to belong to Jessica’s brother is a miscommunication and does not true,” he said, at the Bali Police Headquarters, Wednesday (14/9).

Meanwhile, Jessica Iskandar reported a fraud case by a car rental service entrepreneur named Christopher Steffanus Budianto or Steven to the Bali Police. This case begins with Jessica Iskandar and Steven working together through a luxury car storage that will be rented out in 2021.

However, after a few months, Steven asked Jessica Iskandar for vehicle documents in the form of BPKB and STNK on the grounds that it was his client who was going to rent a car and asked that the car being rented had to be accompanied by legal documents. After being given the vehicle documents, Steven also began not sending news and did not fulfill the agreement to share the profits in the cooperation.

Then, Jessica also reported this case to the Polda Metro Jaya and from the results of the investigation it was found that six Jessica Iskandar cars had been purchased by Komang Suardika from Steven so that this case was investigated by the Bali Police.

Furthermore, from the results of the Bali Police investigation, it was known that Komang Suardika had bought six cars from Steven at a price of Rp. 8 billion rupiahHowever, Komang Suardika only received four cars along with two BPKB letters in the name of Jessica Iskandar and two fake BPKB letters, so that with a lack of two cars and two fake BPKB letters, Komang
Suardika also reported Steven to the Bali Police, in June 2022.

Meanwhile, the Director of Criminal Investigation of the Bali Police, Kombes Pol. Surawan said, from the results of the investigation, it was known that six cars from Jessica Iskandar had been sold by Steven to Komang Suardika at a normal price known to be Rp. 8 billion rupiah. However, Komang Suardika only received four cars with two BPKB letters in the name of Jessica Iskandar and two fake BPKB letters, so Komang Suardika reported the case to the Bali Police on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement. Due to the two reports and the transfer of goods, the Bali Police used these four cars as evidence.

“Regarding the news in the media that said the car owned by Jessica Iskandar was used by unscrupulous people Police That’s not true, because in this case (Komang Suradika) bought a car from Steven at a normal price,” he said.

“And having a valid vehicle certificate is applying for a loan use letter because the condition of the car that is used as evidence looks poorly maintained and considering the car used as evidence is classified as a luxury car. So, to minimize the condition that is not maintained (Komang Suardika) submits a vehicle loan it,” he said.

He also said that Jessica Iskandar’s car security had been verbally approved by Vincent, who is Jessica Iskandar’s husband.

He said that in securing the evidence, he also completed the handover document or the submission of evidence and had not confiscated it and the form was securing the evidence.

“We are not leading it (confiscation) which is clear in our investigation to secure the vehicle which is in the villa (owned by Jesica Iskandar’s husband). Yes, we made persuasive efforts to secure the vehicle and there is the villa,” he said.

As is known, Jessica Iskandar visited Divpropam, Police Headquarters Jakarta. Jessica’s arrival to seek justice from the parties police related to allegations of unprofessionalism and arrogance with the initials FAA after his car was confiscated and used.

“Today, on Monday 12th, we are releasing that we filed a complaint at the Divpropam Police Headquarters regarding the alleged unprofessionalism and alleged arrogance of the Bali Police Ditreskrimum investigator with the initials FAA as TS Kanit at the Bali Police Direskrimum,” said Jessica Iskandar’s lawyer, Roland E Potu, in Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Monday (12/9).

Ronald also said that the police officer was reported because his client’s car was confiscated but not according to procedures. So, Jessica’s side felt something was odd and unfair.

“Why are we complaining, because on June 7, Ditreskrimum investigators visited our client’s house, Vila Jedar in Denpasar, Bali, asking for a Toyota Alphard belonging to our client. Asking for the language to be secured. But there we only received a receipt. the receipt of the letter was not confiscated,” explained Roland.

“The confiscation of the evidence should have been preceded by a print confiscation and a series of investigations were carried out not an investigation, but here only based on an investigation warrant. We only ask for law enforcement to be fair and impartial. Therefore, we wrote to the Bali Police,” he said.



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