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Shin Tae-yong Fears Indonesian U-19 National Team Players Will Not Play in League 1, PSSI Opens Voice

Shin Tae-yong Fears Indonesian U-19 National Team Players Will Not Play in League 1, PSSI Opens Voice

Suara.com – Indonesian national team coach, Shin Tae-yong worried that their children rarely get minutes to play in the League 1 2022/2023. In fact, enough playing time can make players develop.

Especially for the players Indonesian U-19 National Team. Of course, the club certainly wants to win so that they field more experienced players.

Reflecting on Liga 1 last season, many Indonesian national team players in all age groups did not get a share to play in their clubs. That has an impact on their appearance when playing in the national team.

However, this season it is believed that League 1 clubs will add minutes to play for national team players at all age levels. This is because this season, apart from Liga 1 2022/2023, there will also be an Indonesian Cup so that the composition of players will change according to the needs of the team.

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“If we look at the opening match, Persija has fielded the captain of the U-19 team, Muhammad Ferrari in the heart of the defense. There are also Frengky Deaner, Rio Fahmi, Reski Fandi,” said the Secretary General PSSI, Yunus Nusi.

Yunus also asked Shin Tae-yong not to worry. Because, he believes that all players, whether they are young or senior players, will get playing minutes according to the team’s needs.

“So this season’s competition is still long. The coach must know the needs of the players who are sent down and which ones are stored first,” he explained.

As is known, Shin Tae-yong certainly wants his children to be in a stable condition. There are several championships that will be passed by the national team in various age groups.

One of the most important is the 2023 U-20 World Cup. At the senior level there is the 2022 AFF Cup and 2023 Asian Cup.

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