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Secure G20, Officers Deploy 5,746 Personnel to Helicopters | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The National Police explained that the maximum effort was carried out to ensure the success of the G20 Presidency international event in Indonesia by preparing a centralized security operation.

“It means surgery police which will be held from the National Police Headquarters to the regional level at the Bali, NTB level which will be held for 10 days, from November 7 to November 17,” said Asops Chief of Police Inspector General Agung Setya Imam Effendi, Wednesday (21/9).

Agung stated that, topoliceand prepared as many as 5,746 personnel. However, the Police will continue to adapt to the conditions that develop in the field.

“Our reserve of members is around 1,600 personnel. The National Police has prepared special vehicles in the form of ships, helicopters, and escort cars,” said Agung.

Even so, Agung ensured that the Police would continue to synergize with other parties TNIPaspampres, BNPB, Basarnas and other stakeholders.

“According to directions [Panitia] that the G20 Presidency Summit encourages environmentally friendly implementation so that all vehicles used are electric vehicles,” said Agung.

The security and escort, explained Agung, was carried out to ensure the arrival of the President or other delegations to avoid potential disturbances from the airport, hotel routes and areas, as well as the location of the G20 Presidency Summit taking place by referring to international security protocols and procedures.

“We are mapping the points that are the focus of police security, divided into 5 areas: Seminyak, Jimbaran, Sanur, North Nusa Dua, and South Nusa Dua. Priority is given because all the activities of the delegation and the president will take place there,” said Agung.

Deeper, Police will also prepare an engineering strategy for 10 roads. In fact, 4,600 connected CCTVs have been prepared plus 1,500 worn bodies for all officers in the field.

“We prepare the equipment we need starting from check doors, X-Ray, vehicles, then special vehicles for special handling, as well as ships and helicopters as well as escort vehicles,” said Agung.

Then, the police also anticipate things that might happen such as natural disasters and invisible threats such as cyber attacks and so on. “This, of course, has been prepared by the Task Force to handle it,” concluded Agung. [ded]

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