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Sad! This woman is willing to go bald to be free from dandruff

Sad!  This woman is willing to go bald to be free from dandruff

Poptren.voice.com – Everyone knows that hair is a woman’s crown. Many women who try to maintain healthy hair, but this woman actually gets a lot of praise when balding her hair.

In the post on the @komunitasskincare Instagram account, it shows a woman being shaved at the barbershop.

Not because he doesn’t like his current hair, but because he has a problem dandruff then he does this.

Dandruff on his head so much, that he had to bald his hair. It can be seen in the video that he has repeatedly shaved his head to overcome the problem of dandruff.

Bald because of dandruff. Been bald many times but never gone,” the woman wrote in the video.

Fortunately, the husband accepted his wife’s illness. He patiently helped his wife treat and shaved his wife’s head in the hope that his wife’s dandruff problem would be cured soon.

“I have given up, I don’t care and I can’t do it anymore, but thank God there is a husband who always supports me,” she continued.

Videos of women battling dandruff are viral on social media. Netizens who saw the video immediately sent compliments and suggestions, so that the woman could soon recover from the dandruff disease she was experiencing.

“Maybe it’s not dandruff, but a flaky scalp. Have you checked with your doctor?” asked the netizen.

“My son is also dandruff, continues to use expensive ointments. Thank God he has recovered,” added the netizen.

“Wash with soda and lemon for a few minutes, then use shampoo,” suggested the netizen.

“It could be a yeast infection, seborrheic dermatitis or it could be psoriasis. Try to consult a doctor immediately,” replied the netizen.

This video of a woman who has to shave her head because of dandruff has gotten 20,100 likes and many comments from netizens.

Source : Jogja. Suara.com


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