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Roy Citayam’s Reason for Rejecting the Scholarship

Roy Citayam’s Reason for Rejecting the Scholarship

Poptren.voice.com – Roy, ABG Citayam who hung out in Sudirman explained the reason for refusing scholarship school from Sandiaga Uno. This was conveyed by Roy when appearing at thepodcast Ruben Onsu which aired on YouTube recently.

“Yes, to help parents,” said Roy. According to him, school can make him unable to help the family’s economy. While his focus now wants to support his family.

“That’s why from the content of people, I really want it, so it’s better there than going to school. Even though in the future it’s good, but parents don’t have any help, it’s useless,” he said

Therefore, Roy admits that he is enjoying his current popularity. “Enjoy Roy now. So he can help parents,” said Roy.

As is known, Roy went viral after being interviewed by a content creator in Sudirman. At that time, he was interviewed with Jeje Slebew. They both claimed to be dating and used to hang out in the Sudirman area.

The phenomenon of SCBD children (Sudirman, Citayam, Bojong Gede and Depok) hanging out in Sudirman to Dukuh Atas is indeed getting attention. Until there is a term Citayam Fashion Week.

Source : sound.com

For Roy Citayam, may your good intentions and goals be blessed. Amen!


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