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Romahurmuziy Becomes Mediator for PPP Chaos with Suharso | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The United Development Party (PPP) management attempted to mediate Suharso Monoarfa to accept the decision to dismiss him as general chairman. One of the mediators is the former General Chairperson of the PPP, Romahurmuziy.

PPP Deputy General Chair Arsul Sani revealed that Suharso had met with Romy yesterday (5/9).

“Yesterday, there was even a meeting between Mr. Suharso and Mr. Romy. It has been quite a long time, Mr. Romy is also a mediator,” said Arsul at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, JakartaTuesday (6/9).

Romy became a mediator because he had a close relationship with Suharso. Romy is considered as his own child.

“Because Mr. Harso is calling Mr. Romy, my eldest son,” said Arsul.

In addition, a number of PPP administrators have also met with Suharso. However, said Arsul, there were also parties who heated up Suharso so that the issue of dismissal as general chairman was opposed.

“Yes, of course, there were those who met with Suharso, who said that it would be done well, and there were many. One or two times there were also those who encouraged it,” said Arsul.

Meanwhile, Suharso emphasized that he was still the general chairman of PPP. Suharso said his dismissal was not in accordance with the party’s AD/ART

According to Arsul Suharso’s response is a natural thing. He is sure that in the near future the Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas will make peace.

“Yes, we’ll see, it’s normal that if a boyfriend breaks up with him for three days, he’s still grumpy, but when it’s the seventh, it’s already covered,” he said.



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