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Ria Ricis Craving Bonge Ruler ‘Sudirman’ | Dream.co.id

Ria Ricis Craving Bonge Ruler ‘Sudirman’ |  Dream.co.id

Not only Ria Ricis who gave praise to Jeje, netizens also praised Jeje’s appearance wearing a hijab because she looks beautiful.

Likewise, Jeje’s voice when singing sholawat with Ria Ricis.

“Masha Allah, she’s really beautiful when she wears the hijab , healthy” sweet & dde bay,” said Putri Apriliyani’s account.

“MashaAllah, Tabarakallah, Jeje is so beautiful, Icis’s mother’s hijab is also beautiful. Icis’s mother’s belly is also beautiful and healthy, all of you and I hope that Icis’s mother gives birth to a healthy mother and her baby, everyone lives long… Amen,” said Khafiza Khafiza’s account.

“Mum, can I make you excited with the team and kak jeje while you are carrying it O Allah, it feels really cool listening to sis jeje sholawatan 😍 for both of you to be healthy always, live long, may sis icis go smoothly until delivery… aminnn,” said Sulis Desyka’s account.


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