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Reviewing Citayam Fashion Week, Anies Urges ‘SCBD’ Teens to Keep Clean

Reviewing Citayam Fashion Week, Anies Urges ‘SCBD’ Teens to Keep Clean

THE GOVERNOR OF DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan conducted inspections at a number of places located in Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta.

In his personal Instagram upload on Sunday (17/7), Anies and his staff visited the location of ‘Citayam Fashion Week’ which was filled with SCBD teenagers (Sudirman, Citayam, Bojong Gede, Depok)

Launching the Instagram account @aniesbaswedan, Anies visited a number of locations, starting from the Dukuh Atas Park area, BNI Citu Station to the Kendal Tunnel.

Accompanied by a number of Satpol PP at the location, Anies seemed to greet visitors and received reports from Satpol PP officers to PPSU there.

Contacted separately, the Head of DKI Jakarta Satpol PP, Arifin confirmed the activity. Arifin said Anies’ visit took place around 00:00 WIB to ensure that the third room area was maintained.

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“That’s right. The Governor is monitoring with members, he directly checks the enforcement of laws and regulations in the area,” said Arifin when confirmed, Sunday (17/7).

In the short inspection, said Arifin, Anies also urged SCBD teenagers to maintain cleanliness and order in the location.

“In conclusion, the situation is safe and clean. Because it’s a public space, there are stations and so on, so we also have to monitor and ensure that the cleanliness of the place is maintained,” he added.

Reported through his Instagram, Anies was seen shaking hands with Anies and taking selfies. They seemed happy when they found out that Anies was reviewing the hangout for the Sudirman-Citayam-Bojong Gede-Depok children.

“Pak Anies, permission to take a photo, sir,” said the teenagers to Anies.

For information, the ‘Citayam Fashion Week’ performance suddenly went viral in the last month.

They hang out around Sudirman Station to Dukuh Atas Park to the Kendal Tunnel to show off their quirky make-up like an event. fashion shows. (Far/OL-09)


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