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Revealing the Mysterious Female Figure in Kim Jong Un’s Circle that Becomes a byword | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A mysterious woman is seen near the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. The presence of this woman has sparked speculation regarding her identity.

The bespectacled woman is often neatly dressed with dark after-tones. Chances are he is Kim’s new aide.

Quoted from The Independent, Sunday (18/9), the woman was seen carrying a large bag and carrying documents. He was also seen handing over several documents (allegedly texts of speeches on various topics) to Kim Jong Un on various agendas.

Speculation has arisen that the woman has not been named or identified by North Korean state media or North Korean officials. He was first spotted in an NKNews.org report in early February this year.

The Seoul-based news site also said Kim has two half-siblings who are rarely seen; Kim Sol Song and Kim Chun Song. The site says the woman is in her 30s or 40s.

Kim Sol Song is reportedly currently active in the North Korean Workers’ Party but is mostly behind the scenes.

Seen on September 8 with Kim Jong Un at a big concert event, the mysterious woman appeared on Korean Central Television’s broadcast around the table where Kim was sitting during the concert.

He also stood in as Kim entered the venue accompanied by his top aide Hyon Song Wol and his famous sister Kim Yo Jong.

On the same day, the woman was also seen holding a folder that may contain a text of Kim’s speech discussing Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons policy at the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA).

Earlier in July at another major event, the woman was seen holding a bouquet of flowers given to Kim, KCTV shows.

According to NK News, the woman was also seen at events holding a handbag that may contain Kim’s important items such as a cell phone, cigarette or medicine.

Kim Jong Un last week attended a number of events with his wife, Ri Sol Ju and earlier in the day made a speech on nuclear weapons at the SPA session.

Intelligence reports regarding the identity of the woman have not yet emerged. [pan]

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