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Revealing the Key to Pajero Sport’s Success in Indonesia

Revealing the Key to Pajero Sport’s Success in Indonesia

Currently, the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is one of the favorite choices of the Indonesian people. His dashing appearance, ability to conquer damaged roads and hit floods, are the reasons why people choose the type of vehicle that is identical to the masculine image. One of the favorite SUVs of the Indonesian people is the Pajero Sport.

Based on sales data released by PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI), the Pajero Sport is one of the best-selling cars after the Mitsubishi Xpander model. Including for national sales.

According to MMKSI sales data in June 2022, Pajero Sport managed to dominate a 56% market share in the 2,500 cc medium SUV segment (4×2 and 4×4), with sales of 2,066 units, and contributed 26% of total Mitsubishi Motors vehicle sales in Indonesia.

There are several points that make the Pajero Sport very attractive to the Indonesian people, in addition to its design that suits the tastes of the Indonesian people. From several points, the issue of the brand has definitely become one of the main considerations of Indonesian consumers.

After that, the availability of workshops, and spare parts. Mitsubishi with its extensive after-sales network is certainly a distinct point, followed by a spacious and spacious cabin to transport passengers and luggage.

The next point is the Pajero Sport’s ground clearance of 218 mm combined with a comfortable suspension character, very suitable for road conditions in Indonesia. Not even a few consumers who make this medium SUV as a family vehicle.

Complete vehicle safety and security features also make the Pajero Sport a top choice. What’s more, if not for the increasing level of public awareness of driving safety and security, as well as public understanding of the benefits of vehicle safety features. Pajero Sport is equipped with eight sensors, each of four sensors in front and four sensors at the rear which are in charge of carrying out security features.

The existence of the Active Stability and Traction Control (ASTC) feature will be very useful when the vehicle crosses slippery roads, especially when turning at high speeds, and when stopping ‘n go on climbing roads. This will certainly help the driver in controlling the vehicle in unexpected conditions.

The presence of the Ultrasonic Miss-acceleration Mitigation System (UMS) feature is very useful when the driver panics and wants to brake suddenly or panic braking, but instead presses the gas pedal. In this situation, the system will automatically deactivate the gas pedal to prevent a potentially fatal accident.

Thanks to its large carrying capacity and its ability to cover rough terrain, the Pajero Sport is also an option for families who like to go on challenging adventures. This even underlies the birth of the latest MMKSI branding concept ‘Life Adventure’.

“We will not stop accompanying all the life adventures of the Indonesian people and give our best dedication so that people can continue to rely on our brands and products in every journey of their lives,” said Director of After Sales Division MMKSI Eiichiro Hamazaki, in his official broadcast. (S-4)


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