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Regulations on Suspension of PMI Shipments to Malaysia While Criticized, Older Ones Can Still Go

Regulations on Suspension of PMI Shipments to Malaysia While Criticized, Older Ones Can Still Go

Suara.com – Indonesian government stops shipping Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) to Malaysia for a while. The Association of Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Companies (Aspataki) considers that the policy is not fully working.

Chairman of Aspataki Saiful Mashud said that the temporary suspension of sending PMIs to Malaysia only applies to new job requests. Meanwhile, the submission of old job requests continues.

“Because until now, only the processing of new job orders has been stopped. The old job orders, SIP2MI which has been issued by BP2MI are still in process and PMI is still leaving,” said Saiful in a written statement, Wednesday (27/7/2022).

According to Saiful, the Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) in this case also did not completely stop sending PMIs to Malaysia. Although, due to the wide coverage, a number of manpower offices in several regions are reluctant to serve the process of making Indonesian Migrant Worker IDs and Placement Agreements.

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“After all, there is no ministerial regulation that stops the placement of PMIs to Malaysia, either for domestic workers or to employers with legal entities as mandated by Article 37 of Law Number 18 of 2017 (PMI Protection Law),” he said.

“(And) Although there is no circular of termination, there are several agencies that do not want to serve ID or Placement Agreements (PP) so that it leads to losses for both PMI and P3MI and their partners,” he added.

Furthermore, Saiful explained that his organization supports Bandage No. 7 of 2022 concerning the Pre-Employment Process for Prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers. Because with the presence of these rules, PMI candidates are given the convenience of taking care of their departure identity registration.

“One of them, the management of ID and PP can go to the Manpower Office from PMI (according to the KTP address) and can go to the nearest Manpower Office with P3MI’s domicile. It can even go to BP3MI where the PP is signed by PMI, P3MI is known to the job introduction officer,” said Saiful.

On the same occasion, Saiful hopes that when the new job order management is not served, the new system used for future processes must be optimally prepared. So that when the temporary moratorium is lifted, the placement process can run smoothly again.

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“We are (in fact) not busy fixing the one channel system support system that is used as the mandate of the Indonesia-Malaysia MoU.”


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