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Realizing Order & Security, Municipal Government of Pasuruan Synergy with Sub-district Officials | merdeka.com


womidea.com – Deputy Mayor of Pasuruan, Adi Wibowo (Mas Adi) opened the socialization and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Village Officials, Thursday (1/12/22) in the Hall of the Primary Ascent Hotel, Pasuruan City. The FGD activity, which was attended by sub-district heads and village heads throughout Pasuruan City, is a collaboration between institutions and partnerships in techniques for preventing and handling disturbances to peace and public order in Pasuruan City in 2022.

In his remarks, Mas Adi said that along with the advancement of technology and information today, the challenges being faced are getting tougher. According to him, the pattern of crimes that are increasingly diverse makes security challenges also experience metamorphosis. There are many changes that must be anticipated properly.

“Society experiences quite extraordinary dynamics in technological developments. The world is like a global village. Various problems, crimes and crimes can be known freely by our society. We must be able to anticipate forms of cybercrime, that is our common challenge.” ,” said Mas Adi when opening the socialization activity that morning.

For this reason, this socialization was held with the aim of increasing and equalizing understanding and steps in controlling violations down to the sub-district level in Pasuruan City.

“As a party that has direct contact with the community, it is necessary to provide understanding and education regarding the reality that is currently being faced. We must guard the defense and security of the community environment together,” explained Mas Adi.

Deputy Mayor of Pasuruan Adi Wibowo Opens Outreach and FGD with Kelurahan Officials©2022 womidea.com

In his direction, Mas Adi said that synergy is the main key in realizing environmental security and order. “The key is the synergy of all of us, not just the responsibility of the joint apparatus. Without support and synergy from the community in protecting the surrounding environment, order and security will be difficult to achieve,” he said.

Furthermore, Mas Adi also emphasized that discipline is no less important. Discipline can start from oneself to support the creation of a safe and orderly environment.

“When the planning formulation is good, implementation and implementation that goes well can be realized with discipline. Educate ourselves with various new patterns in disturbing our order and security. Let’s start from small things, starting from ourselves,” he stressed.

In line with the vision of Pasuruan City to realize Pasuruan City of Medina which is advanced, safe, peaceful, beautiful and harmonious. Mas Adi hopes that through this socialization, security which is an integral part can be continuously improved.

“If the surrounding environmental conditions are conducive, order can be maintained, people will be comfortable, Pasuruan city will be safe,” he concluded.



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