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Rajamala Shadow Puppets Become Souvenirs for the ASEAN Para Games Contingent | merdeka.com

Rajamala Shadow Puppets Become Souvenirs for the ASEAN Para Games Contingent |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The ASEAN Para Games (APG) XI Solo, 2022 contingent will receive a souvenir from the city of Bengawan, in the form of a Rajamala or Rojomolo shadow puppet. The committee prepared around 2,600 puppets by Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) Gogon Puppet Studio.

The owner of the Wayang Studio, Gogon said, the 25 cm high Rajamala puppet will be given to around 1,800 contingents from 11 ASEAN Paragames participating countries. They were given a deadline of up to a week ahead to complete the work.

“By July 26, 2022, everything must be finished,” said Gogon, Saturday (16/7).

According to him, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) previously asked to make a sample of the Rajamala Puppet based on a design made by the Kemenpora.

“There are 15 samples of Wayang Rajamala made of wood, acrylic and leather that we sent to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. After several meetings, the Ministry of Youth and Sports asked for a souvenir of the Rajamala puppet. So it was not shaped like the mascot,” he explained.

Gogon said, there was no difficulty in making Rajamala puppets. It’s just that the time given is very short, so it becomes a challenge in itself.

“If it’s size, big or small, it’s the same, it’s just a matter of time. We are being chased by time to complete the work,” he said.

According to Gogon, the work on the Rajamala Puppet has started since last July 9. He and several colleagues are targeting 180 puppets to be completed every day. He said, for its manufacture, it is the same as making wayang kulit in general.

“The manufacture is the same, we design the skin, then it is colored, clamped and packaged,” he explained.

To fulfill orders in a short time, he involved several craftsmen who were divided into six teams. One team consists of many workers, with the task of completing each stage of making the Rajamala puppet.

“I ask that every day I can complete 180-200 puppets. How many people are important, our orders are completed according to the target,” he said.

Based on the search, in the wayang Rajamala is known as the adopted son of the sage Palasara. Rishi means saint or poet.

Rajamala is hard-hearted and brave, always wants to win and obeys his heart. He is very powerful, can not die as long as it is still exposed to water.



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