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Raising the Theme of Confidence in Leading Change, Simpedes Folk Party Enlivens Bandar Lampung | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – PT Bank PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk again held the Simpedes People’s Party (PRS) with the theme ‘Confident in Leading Change’. The Simpedes People’s Party will be held on 23-25 ​​September 2022 at Saburai Enggal Field, Bandar Lampung.

This activity is a manifestation of BRI’s commitment to bridging the literacy needs and assistance of customers and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Through this theme, BRI PRS is expected to be able to be confident in managing its finances, such as being confident in doing business and investing.

BRI PRS will invite all communities and MSME players from dozens of traditional markets in Bandar Lampung to participate in the agenda. BRI targets this agenda to be able to socialize and educate the public and MSME players to be able to adapt to economic digitalization through BRI banking services, such as BRImo and BRI QRIS.

In carrying out its activities, BRI carries 6 (six) Pillars characteristic of the Simpedes People’s Party, namely Market, Parade, Stage, Harvest, Care, and X’Sis Corner. The market aims to unite the community to be able to enjoy a variety of interesting products from BRI-assisted MSMEs at the Simpedes People’s Party.

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The parade is a moment that involves and unites the entire community to participate in enlivening the Simpedes People’s Party with various characteristics of each community. The parade is also expected to be able to socialize as well as educate the public regarding culture as well as banking literacy at the same time.

The stage will provide various kinds of entertainment from various local and national artists, such as Kangen Band, Padi Reborn, Republic of Indonesia, Kahitna, Yenni Ika, Mas Karyo and Mawar Pantura. Harvest is a raffle agenda from BRI to lucky people to get attractive Simpedes door prizes.

Peduli is a manifestation of BRI’s sense of responsibility and concern for the community, including free health checks, Covid-19 vaccines, blood donations, and free haircuts. The X’Sis Corner is a pillar that functions to accommodate the community in expressing themselves and hobbies while participating in the Simpedes People’s Party with various kinds of knowledge and joint activities, such as art and sports activities, digital literacy, coaching clinic, and so on.

BRI requires several protocols before entering the Simpedes People’s Party venue. Visitors are required to scan Peduli Protect first before entering the PRS area. Then, visitors only need to download the BRImo application and scan the QRIS for Rp. 1, – through the ticket box provided. The use of QRIS is intended to make it easier for visitors to make transactions, alternative payments, and simpler usage.

The series of agendas for the Simpedes People’s Party will continue until December 2022. The series of agendas will be held at 379 points throughout Indonesia. This agenda can be watched by the public directly on Kompas TV and the BRI Bank Youtube channel. This agenda is expected to be a turning point for the revival of the people’s economy, especially the rise of the MSME sector in Indonesia.

For further information regarding the holding of the 2022 Simpedes Folk Party, please visit www http://s.id/PRS2022.



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