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Raisa’s Graceful Style Appears in a Red Dress, Could Be Inspiration Here | Dream.co.id

Raisa’s Graceful Style Appears in a Red Dress, Could Be Inspiration Here |  Dream.co.id

Raisa looks elegant in Biyan fashion show

Dreams – Solo singer Raisa Andriana was seen attending the Biyan fashion show themed ‘Renjana’ some time ago.

In her personal Instagram post, Raisa looks so elegant in a red dress. When viewed in more detail, this dress has two layers.

© Instagram @raisa6690

Instagram @raisa6690

The first layer is made of red woven cloth decorated with white threads to form weaving patterns. The pattern of flower petals and leaves dominates the woven dress that Raisa wears.

The cut of this woven dress is quite simple with a U-shaped collar and elegant flutter sleeves. The second layer of the clothes Raisa is wearing is the red tile cloth that covers the woven dress that extends down to her feet.

Instagram @raisa6690© Instagram @raisa6690

Instagram @raisa6690

Behind the tiles, Hamish Daud’s wife is seen wearing white gladiator heels.

Perfecting her appearance, the singer of the song ‘The Second Time’ wore long earrings decorated with pearls. Don’t forget to style her hair in a low ponytail.

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Pay IDR 1.2 Million to Fill Gasoline, Raisa Istighfar

Dream – Raisa is again a byword on social media. This time because he filled the car with gas it reached Rp. 1.2 million.

In the insta stories post, Raisa uploaded a photo of the gas meter. There, he can be seen filling up 57 liters of petrol and the price per liter reaches IDR 21,870.

Seeing the costs incurred quite a lot, Hamish Daud’s wife came to istighfar.

gas© instagram

“Astagfirullahhh,” wrote Raisa in an upload on Insta Stories.

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When viewed from the price of liters of gasoline purchased, it seems Raisa fills the V-Power Diesel at Shell.

Raisa’s stories post was re-uploaded to the Instagram account @politicaljokesid. Netizens are busy commenting on this post.

raisa© instagram

photo: instagram @raisa6690

Raisa fills the main hiba this time..” said the account bryanwiryosentono_.

1 million expensive for a singer?” said the rhmdnkl account.

haven’t paid it’s exploded,” added the account rusdizidan0806.

Just like the bus, filling up with diesel also runs out a million,” said the setowids12 account.

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3 Portraits of Raisa’s Monochrome Display, A Beautiful Secret on Stage

Dreampublic figure often appear with luxurious clothes and accessories. Expensive and well-known brand output, their appearance with the clothes they wear is always stunning and attracts attention.

Even though they come from world-renowned brands, not all clothes worn by artists are designed to be flashy, such as colorful or complicated accessories. Raisa is one of public figure who often look minimalist with monochrome outfits and some accessories.

Several times, the artist who has just appeared at the Tepok Bulu 2022 exhibition has appeared in plain clothes without complicated motifs or accents. The singer of ‘Fall Heart’ is still attractive when singing at various events. Here’s Riasa’s monochrome style that you can imitate to look attractive and fierce without using too many colors.

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1. All Orange

Raisa Andriana's Outfit© Instagram @raisa6690

Photo: Instagram @raisa6690

The singer of ‘The Moon’ is often seen in a one-color dress or suit like in this portrait. She wore a collared dress that at first glance looked like an orange long-sleeved blazer.

The dress is also accompanied by details of silver beads that match the necklace, earrings, and belt. The striking color of the dress is balanced with natural makeup of the same color on the cheeks and lips.

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2. All Chocolate

Raisa Andriana's Outfit© Instagram @raisa6690

Photo: Instagram @raisa6690

Not infrequently, Raisa is also seen wearing a dress that emphasizes the silhouette of her body. The ‘Love You Longer’ singer looked elegant and classy when she combined a loose cut dress with a brown cropped blazer, black gladiator heels, hoop earrings, and a gold chain necklace.

Matching the outfit, her face was made up with peach blush, brown lipstick, false eyelashes, eyebrow products, gray eyeshadow, and highlights.

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3. All Blue

Raisa Andriana's Outfit© Instagram @raisa6690

Photo: Instagram @raisa6690

Although she rarely plays with colors when choosing clothes, Raisa is often seen experimenting with materials. In addition to satin or tulle, the singer of ‘Nyawa dan Harapan’ has also used leather clothes such as pants in this portrait.

The pants are combined with a cropped blazer, tank top, and electric blue heels. She also wears gold hoop earrings and a minimalist necklace. The mix and match matched her red makeup on the lips and blush.


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