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Rachel Vennya is criticized for being fond of the party, Raka Hutchison is getting bolder to show his intimacy

Rachel Vennya is criticized for being fond of the party, Raka Hutchison is getting bolder to show his intimacy

Suara.com – Rachel Vennya has recently been criticized for partying or partying at nightclubs. Interestingly, Raka Hutchison what Rachel’s new boyfriend suspected was actually getting bolder to spit out their intimacy at the party.

Breaking up with Salim Nauderer, Rachel Vennya is widely reported to be in a relationship with Raka Hutchison. However, the two have not publicly acknowledged their relationship, aka going public.

Raka Hutchison (right) [Instagram/rakahutchison]

Raka Hutchison’s latest upload seems to confirm the news that they are dating. The reason is in some photos, the two of them look intimate like lovers.

In one photo, Raka Hutchison hugs Rachel Vennya from behind. Suddenly the suspicion that they were officially dating was getting stronger.

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Unfortunately Raka Hutchison did not explain anything through the caption. The 29-year-old actor simply wrote “20-?” as a description of his upload, Monday (25/7/2022).

For this upload, Raka Hutchison also limited the comment column. There were only a few comments from those closest to him who seemed excited.

Rachel Vennya [YouTube TS Media]
Rachel Vennya [YouTube TS Media]

Not surprisingly, this is the first time Raka Hutchison has uploaded a photo of Rachel Vennya on his Instagram feed. Erika Carlina even specifically commented on the photo of Niko Al Ahkim’s ex-wife aka Okin it’s in slides final.

When Rachel Vennya appears on her podcast, Erika Carlina often mentions the man she saw with the mother of two at a nightclub. Despite not mentioning names, Erika seems to know quite a bit about the love life of a princess Vien Tasman that.

Many suspect that the man who is often with Rachel Vennya is Raka Hutchison. With intimate photos this time, maybe Raka indirectly publicizes their relationship.

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