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Puma Partners with NCT 127 as Brand Ambassador

Puma Partners with NCT 127 as Brand Ambassador

Puma appointed NCT 127 as the brand ambassador for the Asia Pacific region. The selection of NCT 127 is believed to have a positive impact on increasing the value of the Puma brand throughout the region.

NCT 127 will be active in 15 countries in Asia and Oceania. They will be involved in various types of campaigns, either indirectly or directly to their fans.

“Based on the strong influence, passion and creativity of NCT 127, we plan to carry out various campaigns and communications with fans and consumers throughout the Asia-Pacific region, in order to increase the value of our products,” PUMA’s official statement, Tuesday, said. (26/7).

SM Entertainment representatives said, collaborating with a world-famous brand like Puma is a very meaningful thing for NCT 127. Through this collaboration, NCT 127 will also show a different side of each member that is more diverse.

NCT 127 is set to greet their fans through their second world concert tour. The show, which started last year, started in Korea and continued to Japan with an audience of 220,000 people.

NCT 127 also plans to hold a fan meeting in Japan on August 2 and 3, 2022, and will also attend ‘SMTOWN LIVE 2022’ on August 20, 2022. “Then, NCT 127 will start its activities as PUMA’s brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region, starting with the Slipstream campaign on July 29,” reads a Puma press release.

The Puma Slipstream is an iconic sneaker that was first launched in 1987. The Slipstream inherits the most characteristic of the Puma brand, namely the classic silhouette of basketball redefined with a modern aspect. The classic impression is even more complete with a combination of leather and suede, to create a premium look. (M-1)


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