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Product Manager Profession, The Type of Job Targeted by Many Companies

Product Manager Profession, The Type of Job Targeted by Many Companies

Poptren.voice.com – Technological developments have given rise to various types of profession new ones that didn’t exist before or weren’t very popular. One of which is Product Manager.

Product Manager or PM is a position in charge of a product. Simply, Product Managerr is the person who is responsible for the development and success of a product.

In the survey released Apiary Academy in the report The State of Product Management in Indonesia 2022 Reportrevealing a trend in product management in Indonesia.

“The survey results show that product management is a developing field but is still new in Indonesia,” said Jessica Casey Jaya, CEO of Apiary Academy and Coworking as quoted from a press release, Sunday (24/7/2022).

Furthermore, a survey of 101 Product Manager in Indonesia reveals that:

New Field
Product Management is a new field in Indonesia with 49 percent Product Manager Indonesia who participated in the survey claimed to have less than two years of experience.

Promising Career Options
Product Manager with the expertise and experience qualified get an attractive salary. Even, Product Manager with more than five years of experience earn an average salary of IDR 45 million per month.

minimal Tools
Product Manager Indonesia minimal use tools. A total of 36 percent Product Manager Indonesia does not use A/B Testing tools anything, and almost 60 percent don’t use tools product analysis. Though, the use of tools will help them become more data-driven.

In Indonesia Rarely Data Analysis
Product Manager Indonesia is said to be less likely to analyze their data than Product Manager global. Most of the Product Manager Indonesia analyzes data every one or two weeks, while Product Manager globally it is customary to conduct analysis three to five times a week.

Said by Mixpanel APAC Regional Vice President and General Manager – Scott Pugh, the survey managed to reveal some interesting findings, such as data usage gaps in the field of product management.

“After working with some of the leading digital companies in Asia and the world, we’ve seen firsthand how product analytics tools can help Product Managers allocate priorities, innovate faster, and build better products,” said Scott.

He hopes that these and other findings can help the Product Manager in Indonesia to identify areas that require development.

“That is why Mixpanel is actively involved in the product management community to share the global lessons we have learned with Product Managers in Indonesia,” he concluded.

Source : Suara.com


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