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Prevent Powder Looking Cakey with the Right Way of Use | Dream.co.id

Prevent Powder Looking Cakey with the Right Way of Use |  Dream.co.id

You can still make natural makeup by using powder.

Dream – When making natural makeup, you need a glowing base to mimic the appearance of real skin. Of course, this cannot be achieved with the use of powder or a thick complexion.

But, you still need powder to lock in makeup and control excess oil production. So, natural makeup can last longer and look flawless.

Then, how to use powder without looking cakey? The method was revealed by Beauty Content Creator with the TikTok account @carittaa.

To create natural makeup results, you can choose powder with fine or ultrafine particles. After that, make sure the foundation or complexion underneath has dried completely.

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If the base makeup is still wet, using powder will actually make your makeup look cakey. Moreover, if you apply all the powder stuck to the applicator on the face.

In order not to overuse the product, remove a small amount of the product that is in the applicator. If using a brush, you can tap gently to remove the product.

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Photo: TikTok @carittaa

But if using a sponge, apply a small amount on the wrist. Then, apply the remaining product on the sponge on the face by gently patting until evenly distributed.

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Get to know 3 types of powder and their functions when applying makeup

Dream – When you want to make the perfect base makeup, you will need powder to lock the makeup. Especially, if you want your makeup to last longer, be flawless, and not break easily.

But before using powder, you must know the type needed. Generally, there are three types of powder, namely loose, compact, and translucent powder.

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Although they have the same type, but all three have different functions and textures. Felita Anthony is a Makeup Artist (MUA) who has 120 followers on her Tiktok account @felita_anthony and founder of beauty products Loreca Official explain the difference between the three powders.

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Loose Powder

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Loose powder has a medium formula and functions to control oil production on the face. So, this powder is suitable for oily skin types.

The loose powder also has a certain color and is able to provide medium coverage. So, you can use it to even out skin tone.

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Compact Powder

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Compact powder or compact powder has a smoother texture and can disguise pores. So, you can use it when you want to make your face look smoother and flawless.

In addition, the small particles are able to provide high coverage. So, this powder is able to disguise hyperpigmented blemishes that are still vague on the face.


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