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Merdeka.com – Like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert, sipping a cold and refreshing drink in the middle of a hot afternoon always gives its own satisfaction. The pleasure is even more pronounced, if the drink is very delicious.

To make the taste even more satisfying, make sure to buy it from a seller who offers many delicious drink menus. In Jakarta not hard to find yourself. Consumers can choose Abidzar Food & Drink. Here are some of the mainstay menus that you really must try!

Sour and Sweet Mango Ice Just right

©Sweet and Delicious/Abidzar Food & Drink

This mango ice made by Abidzar Food & Drink is made using natural ingredients, including real mangoes with the right level of maturity. The taste is neither too sour nor too sweet, so when used as a drink, it feels delicious.

Abidzar Food & Drink added the creation of this drink with mango jelly in it. The jelly is also made from a mixture of real mango juice. This is what makes this mango ice delicacy so authentic and natural in freshness.

Special Dates Milk with Palm Sugar

new delicious sweet

©Sweet and Delicious/Abidzar Food & Drink

Date milk made by Abidzar Food & Drink uses premium raw materials, such as the best dates to UHT milk which is known as a good source of protein, fat, calcium, and vitamin D.

As a sweetener, Abidzar Food & Drink does not use palm sugar. The combination of palm sugar, quality dates and UHT milk is able to present a special taste that is more than just Middle Eastern-style creations. Especially when served cold.

Ice Milo with Grass jelly in it

new delicious sweet

©Sweet and Delicious/Abidzar Food & Drink

In order to produce an original taste, of course you have to use the original milo product. Not just milo, this Abidzar Food & Drink creation is so special because it is also added with delicious grass jelly in it.

Abidzar Food & Drink chooses quality grass jelly that is natural and safe for consumption. This grass jelly has a delicious texture, and the taste is not sweet. That way, the taste blends perfectly when combined with the milo ice.

Iced Coffee with a Special Concoction

new delicious sweet

©Sweet and Delicious/Abidzar Food & Drink

Ice coffee made by Abidzar Food & Drink has a taste that can spoil the tongue. When you drink there is a taste pure coffee that’s so strong. The bitter taste of the coffee does not dominate, because the use of palm sugar with the right composition.

In addition, this iced coffee milk is also formulated using UHT milk, so there is a sensation creamy also when you drink it. In order to maintain the quality of this iced coffee until it reaches consumers’ hands, Abidzar Food & Drink is packaged in hygienic bottles.

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