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Presenting Featured Features, BRImo Transaction Value Reaches IDR 1,567 Trillion | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Financial technology is becoming one of the things that many people need, along with the development of the digital era that is increasingly fast. The presence of various financial applications that help people’s lifestyle has also received a positive response. One of them is the achievement that was successfully demonstrated by BRImo’s financial super apps, which recorded a total transaction value of Rp. 1,567 trillion for the period of August 30, 2022.

This proud achievement is inseparable from the various excellent features that are presented. The high interest of the public to transact using BRImo cannot be separated from the hundreds of financial features available in BRI’s digital banking.

BRI’s Director of Consumer Business, Handayani, said that the growth in transaction value was in line with BRImo’s strategy of aggressively innovating in terms of features and partnerships with merchants. He projects that the transaction value of BRImo by the end of this year can reach Rp2,500 trillion.

“As a Financial Super Apps, BRImo continues to strive to complete features to make BRImo a one stop solution for digital banking for customers. The achievement of this transaction volume is also in line with the fairly rapid growth of users,” said Handayani.

Furthermore, Handayani stated that the average growth of BRImo users could reach 700 thousand to 800 thousand per month. As of August 30, 2022, BRImo’s financial super apps transaction users have reached 20.24 million users.

“BRImo is becoming a digital banking that is increasingly relied upon by customers, it can be seen from the activeness of its transactions. We recorded the number of BRImo transactions as of August 2022 which has reached 1,063 million transactions throughout Indonesia,” he said.

BRI’s success in increasing transaction value through BRImo is partly due to the presence of various killer features or superior features that are most often used by customers. Features that have been a mainstay for customers are Digital Saving, BRImo Registration, BRImo Fast Menu, Cardless Cash Withdrawal to Personal Financial Management.

Handayani also said that BRImo continues to be developed to be able to connect to various digital ecosystems. BRI then continued to expand collaboration with several well-known financial technology (fintech) start-ups in Indonesia. This was taken because BRImo’s business concern in the future leads to an increase in use cases, daily needs transactions and of course also providing social impact.

Do Mass Education


As one of the banks that implements a hybrid bank strategy, BRI seeks to create digitalization of services by continuing to carry out massive digital education and literacy. This method is BRI’s step so that digital banking services, including BRImo, can be enjoyed by all levels of society.

The bank with the widest network in Indonesia deploys digital extension workers whose task is to assist customers in accessing banking services such as opening accounts, transacting digitally, and educating on the security of personal data and banking data.

In addition, Handayani also revealed that the company also encourages more merchants to join the BRImo ecosystem. As of July 2022, BRI has more than 219 thousand EDC merchant partners and 2.6 million QRIS merchants.



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