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Present in 3 Marketplaces, Shopping for Brompton Bikes is Now Easier and More Convenient

Present in 3 Marketplaces, Shopping for Brompton Bikes is Now Easier and More Convenient

Suara.com – British folding bike, Bromptonin collaboration with SIRCLO, an omnichannel commerce enabler company, held a morning ride with BOAS (Brompton of Alam Sutera Serpong) Community with the theme ‘Ensuring Wider Reach Through Online Marketplaces’, on Saturday, 23 July 2022.

This collaboration between Brompton and SIRCLO does not only motivate people to be active on a regular basis cycling, but also to answer the needs of the Indonesian people to make it easier for them, including Bromptoneer, to access Brompton availability online and get reliable prices according to the recommended retail price.

Brompton and SIRCLO present an online-to-offline experience through this morning ride together, where urban communities, especially the community, not only ride bicycles to make them healthy and happy, but also have the opportunity to directly receive education on Brompton features that were created as commuters. bikes, utility bikes, leisure bikes and traveling bikes, as well as trying out Brompton Bicycle Indonesia’s newest line, the P Line.

Kevin Wijaya as Country Manager of Brompton Bicycle Indonesia said, “Since the Brompton Indonesia Official Store arrived at Tokopedia last April, we have received a good response from the Indonesian urban community because it provides accessibility in finding alternative Brompton shopping options that are easy and comfortable. This positive signal shows that cycling for Indonesian urban communities can support their activities to be more efficient, healthy and happy. This is in line with Brompton’s goal of Creating Urban Freedom for Happier Lives.”

Kevin also added, “With the presence of the Brompton Indonesia Official Store now in three marketplaces, namely Tokopedia, as well as the latest, Bukalapak and Blibli, urban communities are increasingly given the choice of shopping for Brompton online, as well as a sense of security to avoid the gray market at an affordable price. according to the recommended retail price. Consumers are also being given free shipping services, of course with the terms and conditions that apply.”

“Consumers tend to fulfill their needs online recently, where brand understanding regarding this needs to be accompanied by strategies to deal with it. Through the SIRCLO Commerce service that we offer, SIRCLO facilitates Brompton to reach a wider market through various marketplace in Indonesia by presenting comprehensive facilities, starting from the ordering process, marketing, distribution, to providing data in the form of transaction reports. This collaboration is one of our many initial efforts to help strengthen Brompton’s presence, especially in online channels,” said Brian Marshal, Founder and CEO, SIRCLO Group.


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