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Preparations for SEA Games 2023, Perbasi Sends 20 Young Players to the United States


Suara.com – A total of 20 young basketball players sent by PB Perbasi to Las Vegas United States to undergo a training camp as part of preparation for facing SEA Games 2023 Cambodia.

According to the Secretary General of PP Perbasi Nirmala Dewi in an official statement in Jakarta, Thursday, the selected young players will undergo a training camp in Uncle Sam’s country from Friday (7/10/2022) to November 11.

“At the Hanoi SEA Games, we won gold. With this achievement, it is certain that other countries will be challenged to catch up with Indonesia. Moreover, we are aware that maintaining it will not be as easy as winning. Therefore, we are making maximum preparations so that we can maintain what we have achieved and bring proud of Indonesia,” said Nirmala as published by ANTARA.

The training camp that will be concentrated at Impact Basketball is a series of programs after the Indonesian national team players have been training at the GBK Arena since 12 September. While in Jakarta, the coach saw the potential of 75 players who were called up in three waves.

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PP Perbasi deliberately sends young players to America to strengthen individual skills and teamwork. The hope is that they can catch up to the senior level when they are put together in a team in the Cambodia SEA Games.

“We hope that America will be better and compete with basketball players at Impact, not just those in the national team. So when we are here (back in Indonesia) we can be better than before. Hopefully the SEA Games target is achieved,” said one of the national team players Ali Bagir Al Haddar.

Upon his return to Indonesia, according to PP Perbasi Chairman Danny Kosasih, the team will first be deployed at IBL Indonesia next year. They will fight under the flag Indonesian Patriots. However, if there are players that the club needs, they are welcome to join the club in the IBL later.

“So later we will have two Indonesian Patriots teams. One plays in the IBL and the other competes in the 19-23 year age group competition. By increasing flight hours for young players, we hope they can mature in time,” Danny said.

List of 20 names of young basketball players sent to the United States:

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1. Yudha Saputera
2. Widyanta Putra Teja
3. Ali Bagir Al Haddar
4. Hendrick Xavi Yonga
5. Isaiah Saudale
6. Mohamad Arighi
7. Antoni Erga
8. Karl Patrick Gloria
9. Ida Bagus Ananta Vishnu Putra
10. Elgi Wimbardi
11. Justin Jaya Wiyanto
12. Erick ibrahim
13. Andrew Lensun
14. Julian Chalias
15. Dame Diagne
16. Serigne Modou Kane
17. Fernando Manansang
18. Daniel Salamena
19. Mohammed Aymane Garudi Arip
20. Rafael Pasha


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