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Police Provide Evacuation Places for Flood Victims in Garut | merdeka.com

Police Provide Evacuation Places for Flood Victims in Garut |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Police Garut resort is currently preparing a number of refugee camps for residents affected by flooding. Preparation steps are taken to anticipate the possibility of subsequent flooding.

Garut Resort Police Chief, AKBP Wirdhanto Hadicaksono said that the evacuation places prepared were locations that were completely safe from flooding. Not only safe, the location is also convenient when used by residents.

“So in principle, we will continue to provide refugee locations, from mosques to village halls, especially in urban areas we coordinate with the Department of Transportation to be able to use the terminal. We are together TNI will carry out patrols to monitor the security (of the village from flooding),” said Wirdhanto, Saturday (16/7).

Wirdhanto revealed that the number of residents affected by flooding in Garut Regency reached thousands. In the Cimacan area, Tarogong Kidul District, the number of affected residents reached 2,500 people with more than 700 family heads.

In addition, Wirdhanto revealed that the heavy rain that flushed Garut on Friday (15/7) not only caused floods in a number of areas. Other disasters also occurred, such as landslides in the Banjarwangi District.

“In Banjarwangi there was a landslide that closed the road. We immediately dispatched members to the field to evacuate while coordinating with the relevant agencies so that the road could soon be passed again,” he said.

Regarding the disasters that occurred in a number of areas in Garut Regency, Wirdhanto admitted that Police together with the TNI and the Garut Regency Government from night to evening, they went to the field to help residents.

“Current conditions, in locations where flooding has occurred, all have receded. Residents who had evacuated last night since this morning have returned to their homes to carry out cleaning. At the landslide point, the TNI-Polri and the Regional Government are trying to evacuate using heavy equipment,” he said.



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