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Police Predict Peak Density in Garut to Occur on Tomorrow Sunday | merdeka.com

Police Predict Peak Density in Garut to Occur on Tomorrow Sunday |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The Garut Police Traffic Unit is currently alerting all personnel on the Limbangan-Malangbong and Kadungora-Leles main routes. The alert is to anticipate traffic congestion this weekend.

The KBO of the Garut Police Traffic Unit, Iptu Suarna, said that the excitement of the flow on the two main routes of Garut had occurred since the 3rd day of Eid al-Adha. This condition lasted until Thursday (14/7).

“Since the 3rd day of Eid yesterday, almost every day we have carried out a oneway CB (way of action) to drain vehicles, both those heading to Bandung and Tasikmalaya. For today (Friday 15 July 2022), the traffic conditions on the Kadungora-Leles and Limbangan-Malangbong went smoothly,” said Suarna.

This weekend, said Suarna, the peak of traffic flow density will again occur in the two lanes. The prediction is because on Monday (18/7), the students will start their learning activities again.

“Since today, we have alerted all traffic personnel in two lanes to anticipate the excitement of vehicles so that there is no overcrowding. We estimate that the peak density will occur on Sunday (17/7),” he said.

The current density, he said, was estimated from two directions, both Bandung and Garut and Tasikmalaya. This is because the Limbangan-Malangbong and Kadungora-Leles routes will certainly be passed by tourists who want to return home after a vacation, either from Cipanas Garut or even Pangandaran.

If there is traffic congestion, explained Suarna, his party will certainly carry out a oneway CB to break it down. However, the CB is carried out when there is a long enough tailing density.

Therefore, Suarna asked all motorists to always follow the directions of officers in the field. “And when oneway is being carried out, we ask everyone to be patient, because the steps we are taking are for the common good,” he concluded.

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