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Police Patrol in Bekasi Resulted in the Disclosure of Two Kilograms of Cannabis | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Two drug couriers who used to transact in the Bekasi Regency area were arrested police. From the hands of the two, officers obtained evidence in the form of marijuana weighing more than two kilograms.

The arrest of these two marijuana couriers began when members of the Branch Bungin Police carried out a patrol to create conditions at the Garon Bridge, Branchbungin District, Bekasi Regency, Sunday (11/9) yesterday.

At that time, the suspect with the initials WS (30) passed by with suspicious movements. Police then approached and conducted a search.

As a result, officers found a package of marijuana ready for distribution weighing 150 grams. The suspect WS was taken to the Branch Bungin Police Headquarters.

“During the inspection, several packages of marijuana weighing 150 grams were found,” said Bekasi Metro Police Narcotics Head Commissioner Dedi Herdiyana, Thursday (22/9).

In front of investigators, WS admitted to circulating marijuana in Bekasi Regency with his friend with the initials RS. He got the marijuana ready for circulation from someone in Sumatra.

After getting the information, the police then drove to the hospital’s hideout in Jakarta West. Hospital was then arrested along with evidence in the form of marijuana ready to be distributed weighing two kilograms.

“When the arrests were made, we immediately took them to the Branch Bungin Police Headquarters for questioning,” explained Dedi.

He said the two drug couriers claimed to receive a salary of Rp. 1,500,000 each time they delivered marijuana to a designated recipient.

“So the two suspects received packages from airports in Sumatra. The recipients of the packages have also been determined by the dealers,” he said.

Based on the confessions of the two suspects, marijuana is circulated by way of cash on delivery (COD) or payment is made on the spot after the ordered goods are received by the buyer.

Currently the two men are languishing in the detention cell of the Branch Bungin Police. They were charged with Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics with a minimum prison sentence of five years.

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