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Police Answers Family Doubts of Brigadier J | merdeka.com

Police Answers Family Doubts of Brigadier J |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The shootout incident between the subordinates of the Propam Kadiv, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, left a question mark. Especially from the family of the late Brigadier J.

Brigadier J, who was the driver of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo’s wife, was shot dead by his aide, Bharada E. The incident occurred on Friday 8 July 2022, but only surfaced on Monday 11 July 2022.

Rohani Simanjuntak, the family of Brigadier J revealed a number of irregularities in the incident.

However, it didn’t take long, the Bhayangkara Corps through the Karopenmas Divhumas Polri Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan and the Head of the Resort Police Jakarta South Commissioner Budhi Herdi immediately answered it during a press conference.

Following are the discrepancies revealed by Brigadier J’s family as well as answers from Police:

-Wounds all over Brigadier J .’s body

“If we received information from the National Police Headquarters, Mr. Leonard Simatupang, it was said that there was a shootout. So we are not satisfied with that,” said Rohani Simanjuntak based on the video quoted on Tuesday (12/7).

Rohani said that initially on Sunday, July 10, 2022, the family saw fresh blood seeping through the little finger of Brigadier J or Joshua’s body. Therefore, the family took the initiative to undress the corpse.

“We just didn’t open his pants. What we took off his shirt, his socks, it turned out that there were wounds and blue bruises on his stomach. Then there were stitches in his eyes like this cut, then on his lips too, on his nose there were stitches. Then there were two shots in the right chest, one in the neck. But the bigger shot was in the right chest,” he explained.

*Police Answer
Kombes Budhi Herdi confirmed that there were no injuries or cuts from Brigadier J. All of the injuries on Brigadier J’s body were from the shooting incident between Brigadier J and Bharada RE.

“I confirm that all the wounds on Brigadier J’s body are based on the autopsy results while they are from gunshot wounds,” he said.


“If she (police) not opening the CCTV means something is being covered up.”

*Police Answer
“We also found out that in the house it happened that the CCTV had been damaged since two weeks ago. So we didn’t get it,” said Kombes Budhi Herdi.

-Evidence of Brigadier J .’s guilt

Spiritual urge Police provide evidence of Brigadier J’s guilt, namely, related to the alleged abuse of the wife of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

*Police Answer
“We are a bit sensitive about this (harassment), it is included in the investigation material,” said Kombes Budhi Herdi.

-Broken Finger

According to Rohani, gunshot wounds were also seen in his left hand. The little finger and ring finger of Brigadier J or Joshua’s left hand looked broken.

*Police Answer:
Brigadier J shot Bharada RE, he held his gun with two hands.

“And it was also stated earlier that there was a bullet that hit Brigadier J’s finger itself. Then it penetrated and hit other parts of the body,” said Kombes Budhi Herdi. To strengthen his argument, Kombes Budhi said that Bharada was one of the number one shooters in the Bhayangkara Corps.

“In the vanguard regiment, he was the number 1 shooter in the 1st class in the vanguard regiment. This is what we got,” he explained.

-Family Phone Hack

Five of Brigadier J’s family cellphones were allegedly hacked. This was revealed by Rohani Simanjuntak, the aunt of Brigadier J.

“Soon Yuni’s cellphone can’t be opened. Devi’s cellphone can’t be opened either. A total of 5 HP can’t be opened,” he said.

*Police Answer
Responding to the alleged hacking of Brigadier J’s family cellphone, Karopenmas Duvhumas Polri Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan admitted that he had not received any information.

“That’s information, yes, the information we have not received, of course we will recheck the truth. [rhm]

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