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PLN Ready to Implement 450 VA Power Abolition Policy | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The House of Representatives (DPR) proposed that the Government through the State Electricity Company (PLN) (Persero) remove the 450 VA household electricity users. This 450 VA household customer must switch to a 900 VA household customer. Not only that, the DPR also proposed that the 900 VA household customers also upgrade to 1,300 VA customers.

In response to the proposal, PT PLN said it would carry out the policies set by the government. Considering that PLN is the only state company that regulates the distribution of electricity to all customers from various walks of life.

“As a State-Owned Enterprise which is one hundred percent owned by the Government, PLN will carry out policies and decisions taken jointly by the Government and the DPR for the benefit of the people,” said Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications and TJSL PLN, Gregorius Adi Trianto to reporters, JakartaTuesday (13/9).

Regarding services, PLN is committed to ensuring that electricity services for the community for every level remain reliable and of high quality to support more productive economic activities.

Previously, the Government and the House of Representatives (DPR) agreed to abolish the category of household electricity customers with 450 VA power. Later, customers who are still using this power will have their electric power increased to 900 VA.

“We have agreed with the government for 450 VA to 900 VA,” said Chairman of the DPR’s Budget Agency, Said Abdullah in a Working Committee to Discuss the 2023 RAPBN Bill at the DPR Complex, quoted on Tuesday (14/9).

Said said that the poor and vulnerable groups are below the line poverty can no longer use 450 VA power. The elimination of the 450 VA household group will increase the demand for electricity.

In addition, 900 VA customers will be upgraded to 1,200 VA. This will make the excess power in PLN which has been a problem can be absorbed. He also requested that the additional power for this household be free of charge. So PT PLN must waive the cost of adding power for 450 VA customers.

“From 450 VA, we repair 900 VA, it doesn’t cost anything, PLN just comes and messes with the meter box,” he said. [azz]

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