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Pinkan Mambo Wants to Buy a Ferrari Factory and Wants to Become a Presidential Candidate


Pink Mambo admitting that he is very wealthy, the former Queen’s personnel expressed his wealth because he was annoyed with the comments of netizens who considered themselves shy.

“I’m very rich, very rich, but I’m still being told that it’s difficult, okay, I’ll just say that now I’m a rich person,” he said on his YouTube grid.id account (29/11/22).

Pinkan Mambo even admits that he can buy as many Ferrari cars as he can, and admits that he throws them away immediately to prove that he is wealthy.

“Ferrari spit, as long as you buy it, throw it away, as long as you buy it, throw it away, even when you use it to go to the shop, you throw it away,” said Pinkan Mambo.

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Even Pinkan Mambo said that buying it was very easy for him who is rich, even if he wanted the Ferrari factory to be bought if necessary.

“I can buy a Ferrari factory if I want,” Pinkan Mambo continued.

Pinkan Mambo also said that he was very competent if he became a president because he was able to own and manage 50 companies at once, he also admitted that he really thought about the people.

“I want to run for president and I feel good at managing something. For example, Pinkan sells fried bananas, which now has fifty companies and wants to think about the people,” said Pinkan Mambo.

With these thoughts Pinkan Mambo felt that he was the right person to be made a president in the country of Indonesia with this social soul.

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