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Pickup Hits Tank Truck in South Labuhanbatu, 3 People Killed | merdeka.com

Pickup Hits Tank Truck in South Labuhanbatu, 3 People Killed |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Three people were reported to have died in an accident between a pickup unit and a tanker truck in Cikampak 1A Hamlet, Aek Batu Village, Torgamba District, South Labuhanbatu Regency, North Sumatra, Sunday (24/7) yesterday.

Head of Traffic Police Labuhanbatu, AKP Rusbeny, said the collision began when a pickup driven by CP and carrying 5 passengers came from Medan to Bagan Batu at high speed.

“(At the time of the incident) the road was turning to the right and the weather was drizzling. On arrival at the scene the pickup driver overtook a freight car. At the same time, a tanker truck driven by AZ came from the opposite direction and a front collision occurred,” said Rusbeny in his statement, Monday (25/7).

Rusbeny continued, based on the investigation of the crime scene and the statements of the witnesses, it can be concluded that the accident was caused by the driver of the pickup truck being careless.

“He (the pickup driver) also did not pay attention to vehicles coming from the opposite direction when overtaking so there was an accident,” he said.

As a result of the accident, two of the pickup passengers, T, died at the scene. Meanwhile, the pickup driver, CP, and a passenger with the initials V died while receiving treatment at the clinic.

“Three other pickup passengers suffered minor injuries,” said Rusbeny.

Currently, the traffic accident has been handled by the Torgamba Police Traffic Unit. The further investigation process will be carried out by the Labuhanbatu Police Traffic Unit Laka Unit.



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