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Pickup Hits Elementary School Students in Toraja, 2 Dead and 1 Critical | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The fatal accident occurred in Buntu Datu Village, Mengkendek District, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) at 11.00 WITA, Friday (16/7) when a pickup hit an elementary school student (SD). As a result of the accident, two people died and one was in critical condition.

Head Police Tana Toraja Resort, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Champion Silalahi said the accident occurred at around 11.00 WITA or during school hours. At that time a pickup number police DD 8632 DG was speeding from the direction of Enrekang Regency.

“According to witnesses at the location, the pickup loaded with paint was fast. It is suspected that the driver fell asleep so the car lost control and hit five students while walking on the left after returning from school,” he told reporters, Friday (9/16).

The champion said that when the pickup hit five students, the victims bounced, two of them died and 1 person was seriously injured. The victims were immediately evacuated to the Lakipadada Regional General Hospital.

“Two children aged 12 and 8 died at the scene. One is critical and two have minor injuries,” he said.

Currently, the pickup driver and his vehicle have been secured at the Tana Toraja Police Headquarters. The previous driver at the time of the collision had fled, but was eventually caught.

“We are checking the driver. The initial confession of the driver was that he was sleepy, but we are still investigating,” he said. [eko]

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