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Picking Up Prospective Student Balls, ATVI Invites BK Teachers to Presentation Gathering | Dream.co.id

Picking Up Prospective Student Balls, ATVI Invites BK Teachers to Presentation Gathering |  Dream.co.id

The 90-minute event also featured the best works of ATVI students from various generations covering various genres of events, from television dramas, lifestyle magazines, popular videos, traveling programs to variety shows.

Handy Utama Raphael, Head of Student Affairs and ATVI Cooperation, explained that ATVI’s core competencies are content producers, content creators, creatives, program directors and broadcast expertise, and job opportunities or job market potential for graduates, such as TV Broadcast, Radio Visual, Production House, Advertising Company, Video Production and Multimedia services, Digital Media Enterprise and Public Relations.

“The relationship between what is taught at ATVI and the potential for employment opportunities is a provision for guidance and counseling teachers when they guide students so that they are appropriate and aligned in choosing fields of study in the future at the university level,” said the man who is familiarly called Pak Hans. this.

The Director of ATVI, Eduard Depari MA, said that ATVI has obtained permission and a decision from the Ministry of Education and Culture for the implementation of the Applied Media Production Undergraduate Study Program.

“This is a fact and a logical consequence of ATVI’s commitment to constantly adapting, following the times that move very fast. True education is transferring knowledge and building character, two things that ATVI has chosen in carrying out its educational mission,” he said.

According to Eduard, changing the orientation of education from a broadcasting focus to a concentration on digital media content production is a logical consequence of responding to technological challenges through the preparation of reliable and adequate human resources.

“In this era of digital communication, it is evident, technology has significantly changed the pattern of human relationships,” he added.

Meanwhile, Suryani Zaini, Chairman of the Indosiar Foundation which oversees ATVI, in her speech emphasized that ATVI is an educational institution that will produce good graduates to work in the field of media production. As a consequence, the curriculum provided by ATVI underlies the 4 C concept of digital media education which includes, Critical Thinking, Communication, Creative, and Collaboration. That is always critical thinking, good communication skills, creative and able to work together.


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