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PDIP Holds National Work Meeting in 2022, Discuss What? | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – PDI-P General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri said her party would hold a national working meeting (Rakernas) at the end of 2022. PDIP held another National Working Meeting at the end of the year due to obligations.

The National Working Meeting in the middle of the year is the 2021 National Working Meeting which was delayed due to Covid-19. So PDIP must hold the 2022 National Work Meeting at the end of this year.

“So yesterday I decided that due to the pandemic conditions it was quite good, but maybe a hybrid could also be implemented, later it has not been decided, so later we will combine what should be in 2022, tomorrow at the end of 2022, that’s how it is,” said Megawati. in Seoul, Friday (16/9).

Megawati said that the National Working Meeting would have many closed sessions. Therefore, Megawati does not want to talk about what will be discussed.

The fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia said that the year-end National Working Meeting was internal and not for public consumption. Meanwhile, he admits that matters or materials discussed internally have not been fully decided.

“I, as the general chairman, will decide that okay, the most important thing is this meeting. And that meeting. If this is later, we will see what further developments are out there. That’s how it is. , said Megawati.



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