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PDIP Central Java Holds 2024 Election Preparation Event Attended by Puan, Ganjar Wasn’t Invited | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo again did not receive an official invitation from the PDI-P management to attend a series of preparations for winning the 2024 General Election which was held in Semarang City, Sunday (18/9).

The series of activities to win the 2024 General Election which was attended by the Chairperson of the PDI-P DPP Puan Maharani were the Final of the Indonesian Love of the Fatherland (Sicita) Gymnastics at the PDI-P DPD Office in Central Java, the submission of assistance to the Smart Indonesia Program in Junior High Schools. Muhammadiyah 2 Semarang, and an event entitled “Win Spectacular 2024: Hattrick!” at The Renaissance Ballroom.

The last event carried the theme “Meeting of All El Commandante, Two-Star Commander & Three-Star Commander to Receive Directions from Mbak Puan Maharani”.

This series of events was attended by the regional head who was carried by the party bearing the white-nosed bull symbol. As reported by Antara, based on information compiled and invitation letters circulating among journalists, there were regional heads of PDI-P cadres from 20 regions in Central Java who were invited.

However, the name of Ganjar Pranowo, who is the Governor of Central Java, was not listed on the letterhead of the Central Java PDI-P and was signed by the Chairman of the Central Java PDI-P DPD Bambang Wuryanto and Secretary Bambang Kusriyanto.

Chairman of the Central Java PDI-P DPD as well as the Chairman of the PDI-P’s DPP Election Winning Body, Bambang Wuryanto, was reluctant to comment further.

He said that the event only invited regional heads at the regent and mayor levels.

“Where is this election? Where are the votes? The votes are in the TPS, the TPS are then collected into sub-districts, districts, so the DPC level performers who will play in full are the DPCs. So, this is what the DPCs invited. , chairman of the board, at that level. Because that’s where the voice is, okay? So there’s no need to argue anymore, understand?” he said.

Meanwhile, Puan Maharani did not give an interview session to reporters when the event was over and immediately left the location to continue the next trip.



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