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Overcoming the Technological Gap, Ministry of Manpower Develops Rural Employment | merdeka.com

Overcoming the Technological Gap, Ministry of Manpower Develops Rural Employment |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower, Anwar Sanusi stated, when talking about digital technology, the digital technology gap in urban and rural areas is a serious challenge.

“To overcome this gap, the Ministry of Manpower has issued various employment development policies in increasing the workforce in rural areas,” said Secretary General Anwar Sanusi when he was a speaker at a webinar entitled “Rural Employment Development Policies Entering the Digital Economy in Efforts to Welfare the Community,” Sunday (17 /7/2022).

Anwar said, the development of digital technology is a must that affects all aspects both from the side of the country, market and society.

Digital technology is not merely a tool, but a socio-material object that has complex relationships related to the development of certain economic, social, political and cultural structures in a country.

“This encourages a change in the structure of relations, namely the relationship between the market and the region, then the relationship between the region and the community and the relationship between the community and the market,” he said.

Anwar assessed that the understanding of digital technology, when viewed from the younger generation, was very good. Currently, the competitiveness of digital technology in each region, such as in Java, is quite high, but for other regions outside Java, it is still quite low.

The low competitiveness of digital technology is influenced by various factors, including human resources, use and spending on ICT, the digital economy, entrepreneurship, employment and other supporting infrastructure.

“This gap is certainly a common challenge that we must be able to overcome,” he concluded.



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