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Office Building Functions That Are Getting Replaced

Office Building Functions That Are Getting Replaced

Currently, a flexible, effective, and efficient work system is starting to be noticed by companies and business people because it saves more on the operational costs of conventional office rental companies. In addition, several new professions began to emerge such as youtuber, startup, digital marketer, designer, so that the program can be done anywhere. Plus, the development of digital technology is growing very rapidly, so it is very supportive to do work anywhere and anytime.

To support a flexible work system, new office rental concepts have emerged such as co-working space. Co-working space comes from English which means space that is used to work, produce works collaboratively both between individuals and companies that have different business backgrounds. From this understanding it can be concluded that co-working space is the rental of work space that is used jointly and openly with other users with flexible use of time. Usually there is one open space for shared use and smaller rooms that can be rented per individual or per community or company.

Concept and design from co-working is simplicity designnamely the simplicity of the form of design and interior design co-working itself, which aims to answer the need for easy accessibility of space users, both in the form of user activities in space related to user productivity and access to the use of existing facilities in the space. co-working. In one space or work area has been fulfilled for the main needs of the employees co-workers (space user).

In addition to ease of accessibility, providers of co-working space This usually provides several facilities that will support users in their work, including internet connection, meeting rooms, pantry and canteen, private offices, event rooms and communal rooms, reception service, sometimes there is also a bar with a large selection of drinks and light snacks.

With various user backgrounds on co-working spacepara co-workers (term for user co-working space) can interact with each other and offer their respective expertise for a project so that there is a collaboration. Eventually, co-working present as a lifestyle to work independently for its users. Typological form co-working space is now a phenomenon in big cities in Indonesia.

Mark Corbett, co-founder from Pace Ventures on theguardian.com say that co-working space emerged as an alternative to space in a relatively expensive office building. The need for workspaces arises because many businesses start-up and more and more interested freelance jobs.

The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the office space business. Government policies that focus on breaking the chain of transmission with large-scale social distancing policies have resulted in a significant decrease in the demand for company services and products. Including a significant decrease in the company’s revenue creates a demand for rent office building decreased significantly.

Various reasons

To overcome this situation and the uncertainty of when the pandemic will end, the actions taken by many companies are to maintain efficiency survive and competitiveness, such as reducing expenses by selling assets and eliminating permanent workspaces, although the presence of an office is still required by some companies. This, provides an opportunity for co-working space to offer lower and more flexible rental costs without compromising worker effectiveness.

Some of the reasons why more companies are now based in co-working space rather than an ordinary office building; the use of office space is more flexible, the rental price is cheaper and the most important thing is that startup owners can rent space for a short period of time, for example three months, six months, or usually a maximum of three years.

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati at the government accounting and financial reporting work meeting on September 12, 2019 said that there was a desire to optimize the use of state property (BMN), especially in the form of government office buildings such as buildings with the concept of open work spaces or co-working spaces. . With concept co-working space, it is assumed that it will make the relationship between employees closer so that collaboration will increase (Bernstein, et.al, 2018). In addition, in terms of financing the procurement of buildings, an advantage is the efficiency of the room. This means that the investment in development is lower than if you build cubicals or certain spaces for employees’ workplaces.

Co-working space is the answer to the problem of high property prices in some areas, especially in Jakarta. As is co-working space It is hoped that this will help many parties in the future. This is because it does not only provide or rent offices, but also aims to build a working community for employees co-workersincreasing opportunities for co-workers from socializing, a more conducive and creative work atmosphere, working to be more productive, efficient and motivated as well as expanding personal and professional networks quickly.

As is co-working space as a place entrepreneurs gather, co-workers there will be more business acquaintances who can be used as business partners, clients, or discussion partners who are expected to make the business grow forward. Co-working space It is also the answer to the problem of increasing building operational costs. That’s because the office is already provided by the provider co-working spaceentrepreneurs no longer need to pay extra for building rentals, buying furniturepaying for internet, and office maintenance/management, or hiring a receptionist or security. Co-workers can immediately work and focus on doing business activities.


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