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Offering Spicy Sweet Taste, These Sanjai Cassava Chips Are So Selling Sweet | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – In Indonesia, cassava chips are arguably one of the favorite snacks of all ages. Moreover, if the cassava chips are processed with special spices such as balado, of course the more tempting to try it.

One of the cassava chips with a distinctive balado seasoning and a must try is the Sanjai cassava chips. These chips are often found in Sumatra, but the people Jakarta can get it through Dapoer Aunt Alan.

Made from Selected Cassava

These Sanjai cassava chips are made by Dapoer Tante Alan from selected cassava. The type of cassava that is not bitter in taste, but sweet. In addition, the texture must also be just right, not too fibrous or hard, so that it is easy to cut.

However, Dapoer Tante Alan has really considered the type of cassava to make this sanjai cassava chips. After being washed, the cassava is then sliced ​​thick and then fried until it becomes chips.

Seasoned with Special Balado Seasoning

©Sweet and Delicious/Dapoer Aunt Alan

Once cooked, the cassava chips are crispy, not too hard when chewed and certainly delicious, then combined with the typical balado seasoning. The seasoning makes the taste of these cassava chips richer.

After being seasoned with this balado, these sanjai cassava chips are coated with a sticky balado seasoning. Once mixed perfectly, the taste becomes savory, crunchy, sweet and spicy. Don’t be surprised if you get addicted from the first time you eat it.

Sold at an Affordable Price

Even though using premium ingredients, as well as being processed very well and hygienically, in fact Dapoer Tante Alan sells them at relatively affordable prices. Per pack can be purchased by consumers for Rp. 18,500.

The package contains 250 gram sanjai cassava chips. Interestingly, these sanjai cassava chips can last for 12 months. This is to prove the quality of taste and packaging, although it does not use any preservatives.

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