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Now There’s Durian That Doesn’t Smell | Dream.co.id

Now There’s Durian That Doesn’t Smell |  Dream.co.id

Viral Video of Astronauts Making Pizza on Spaceship

Dreams – Pizza has always been a favorite dish of many people. Including the astronauts who are working on spacecraft. Pizza is apparently included in the lunch menu to fill the stomachs of astronauts.

When taken into space, the pizza is still in the form of dough. After that, just mix it with your favorite sauce and toppings. A video uploaded by account Instagram @thom_astro, a French astronaut.

The video went viral because it answered many people’s curiosity about how astronauts can eat pizza while working on a spacecraft that has no gravity.

© Instagram @thom_astro

From the video, it looks like 6 astronauts are having a ‘floating’ pizza party. Initially the astronauts prepare the dough, put pizza sauce, cheese and toppings. The pizza is then wrapped in foil and cooked.


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