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Not Boring, Truffled Scrambled Eggs Croissant Is Suitable For Breakfast | Dream.co.id

Not Boring, Truffled Scrambled Eggs Croissant Is Suitable For Breakfast |  Dream.co.id

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Breakfast is delicious with simple menus, because of the condition of the stomach that has just woken up. If you are not used to eating rice for breakfast, you can try other menus that are no less filling and nutritious.

In addition to the toast that you usually make at home, try the delicious truffled scrambled eggs croissants made by Bon Bon Bites Jakarta. This is the specialty!

Made Fresh Every Day

Bon Bon Bites Jakarta makes fresh croissants every day. This pastry is made with premium raw materials as well as years of experienced baker skills.

As a result, the croissants are so crunchy on the outside and so perfect when combined with various fillings. Freshness and quality is also felt, because consumers eat freshly cooked in the oven.

Combined with Scrambled Eggs

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In Indonesia, they eat croissants with beef bacon or scrambled eggs. Yet when combined into one delicacy is so extraordinary. Easy to eat at breakfast, but able to fill the stomach until lunch arrives.

However, it would be more troublesome if you wanted to make it yourself at home, right? Not to mention if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have much time. So ordering it directly at Bon Bon Bites Jakarta is the best choice.

Because, the croissants are crispy and fresh, combined with delicious scrambled eggs complete with sliced ​​beef bacon and a sprinkling of selected spices. Enjoy mouthful after mouthful, it will definitely make the start of the day more energetic and excited after eating this delicious truffled scrambled eggs croissant.

Order Easily from Home

If you want to order, make sure to pre-order first. This is because Bon Bon Bites Jakarta makes it to order. In addition to preparing the best raw materials, also so that consumers can still feel the quality and freshness.

To make it easier to order and as desired, of course, just pre-order through ManisdanSedap.com. The platform is part of KLY (KapanLagi Youniverse) as a Digital Media Network which also houses Liputan6.com, Merdeka.com, KapanLagi.com, Dream.co.id, Brilio.id, Fimela.com, Bola.com, Bola.net , and Otosia.com.

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