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North Sumatra KONI Focuses on Preparing Athletes to Face PON 2024

North Sumatra KONI Focuses on Preparing Athletes to Face PON 2024

Suara.com – The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of North Sumatra (Sumut), focuses on preparing athletes to face the National Sports Week (North Sumatra).POUND) 2024 where North Sumatra and Aceh will co-host.

Chairman North Sumatra KONIJhon Ismadi Lubis said, so far the preparations to face PON continue to be maximized, including holding long-term training camps for a number of individual sports.

“The long-term Regional Elections have been held for a number of individual sports. We do that so that the preparation is really maximal in order to achieve maximum results in the upcoming PON,” he said as published by Antara, Tuesday (26/7/2022).

He said, if North Sumatra athletes participated in all sports disciplines that will be competed later in the PON, then a total of 1,500 athletes will be deployed in the four-year multi-sport event.

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Until 2022, KONI has started to carry out regional training for individual sports with a priority of 479 athletes and coaches of each sport. Meanwhile, the new team branch will start the regional administration in 2023.

“We will also implement promotion and relegation through the Provincial Sports Week in November 2022, then sports that do not reach 50 percent in districts / cities will carry out regional elections and branches that do not reach 10 in the districts / cities through the selection process. So that at the end of the year (2022) we have got athletes who will be trained in full,” he said.

He also conveyed that the preparations for the co-host so far have continued and there have not been any obstacles. His party also ensured that PON would start right on the commemoration of National Sports Day (Haornas), which was 9 September.

“The 21st PON in 2024 has been decided by the co-hosts of Aceh and North Sumatra. The sports that will be competed are 64 with 86 sports disciplines. Meanwhile, the number of matches will be determined by the central KONI in August,” he said.


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