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Nathalie Holscher also invited the child to join the artist management, this is Sule’s reaction | Dream.co.id

Nathalie Holscher also invited the child to join the artist management, this is Sule’s reaction |  Dream.co.id

Nathalie Hoslcher admits that her child gets a lot of endorsement offers

Dream In addition to splitting up, Nathalie Holscher decided to change artist management after filing for divorce from her husband, Sule. Previously under one umbrella under the management PK, Nathalie decided to leave and join Eko Patrio’s Ekomando Management.

Not only Nathalie who joined Ekomando, the 29-year-old artist also included his son, Adzam Ardiansyah Sutisna, who had received many offers. endorse also entered the management of the artist. the.

“So, Eko is like a family, so it’s better if everything is with Ekomando,” said Nathalie Holscher in Jakarta recently.

© instagram

photo: instagram @nathalieholscher

But before deciding to change artist management and take her son, Nathalie made sure she had asked Sule for permission, who fully supported the decision.

“You know, that’s good, thank God,” said Nathalie.

Although the divorce process is still ongoing, Nathalie insists that she is still seeking approval from Sule for matters relating to her son. He also will not forbid the comedian to meet Adzam.

“No, it’s still the father, so we don’t have a name forbidding. I usually don’t want to ban a child like that. So, as long as the mother is still there, the father is still there,” said Nathalie.(legitimate)

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Nathalie Holscher and Sule finally met when they were present at the inaugural trial of the divorce case on Wednesday, July 20, 2020 at the Cikarang Religious Court, West Java.

Before starting the trial, Sule greeted Nathalie who was sitting. The father of five offered his hand to invite Nathalie to shake hands.

But the style with Sule’s page got the spotlight from netizens after uploading a gossip account @lambegosiip.

Sule shakes hands with Nathalie© Sule shakes hands with Nathalie

According to them Sule is not sincere in shaking hands with ex disc jockey This is because it seems rushed.

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As a result, this man named Entis Sutisna is considered arrogant and arrogant by netizens. Not a few who support Nathalie to part with Sule.

“I don’t want to shake hands, I don’t know, I can’t imagine yesterday when my mother was ignored and left at home, how about,” wrote the account @graciaaprilia10.

“Looking at the small things, it looks really trivial … It’s true that Natalie’s decision to separate,” wrote the account @rahmanataliaa_23.

“At least if you’re not handsome, don’t be arrogant, boss 😂 it feels cool,” wrote the account @celine_lina85.

“You don’t have to shake hands, ucett, what are you going to do with your child’s mother,” wrote the account @ninaveron.

In addition to shaking hands, the face of the singer’s father Rizky Febian also received the spotlight from netizens.

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At that moment, Rizky Febian’s father took a photo with his wife and uploaded it to Instagram.

In the photo, Sule appears wearing a black hat and white t-shirt, while Nathalie looks beautiful in a gray hijab.

nathalie© instagram

Nathalie also uploaded a photo of the two of them with Sule on her Instagram Story. He calls his current husband as the father of his son.

“Hello Adzam dad (heart emoticon),” wrote Nathalie Hoslcher.

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This post was uploaded to the @lambegosiip account, many who saw the faces of the two actually still love each other.

Seeing Sule kneeling and Nathalie holding Sule’s shoulder with great joy, just like the deep pain, the sacrifices of parents who are willing to be separated for the sake of a child’s ambition…” said the morysharma account.

The two of them still love each other but Sule sacrificed her love and children, maybe the princes should get married so that they don’t interfere with his father’s lifesaid the kikyghusty account.

Natalie’s eye spotlight,” said the lovelylads_0ne account.

Kang Sule is so pale, bro..” said the junilstary account.


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