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Mount Bromo Jazz Gives Award to Guitarist Donny Suhendra

Mount Bromo Jazz Gives Award to Guitarist Donny Suhendra

Every year, Jazz Gunung always gives awards to musicians. This year, the award was given to the late guitarist Donny Suhendra who died on June 19, 2022.

“He’s been in a lot of music schools. And according to Dewa Budjana, Donny is Indonesia’s first modern guitarist. We will leave the award for Donny to Gilang Ramadhan, who is indeed a member of several musical groups together,” said Jazz curator of Gunung Bintang Indrianto, Saturday, (23/7) when giving an award to Donny at the Jiwa Jawa open amphitheater Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java. .

Donny is a graduate of ITB fine arts and design. He is active with several musical groups, including G’Brill, D’Marzio, Krakatau, and Adegan.

Together with Donny, Gilang Ramadhan was involved in playing music together while in Krakatau and Scene. He was also involved in the Nera music project with Gilang, Ivan Nestroman, and Adi Dharmawan who that night performed in the Komodo Project format.

“I know, Mas Donny has met with Mas Djaduk (Ferianto) and they are here (Jazz Mount Bromo). “Those who have gone before us, I am sure we will meet again,” said Gilang.

“We in the Krakatau group feel the loss of personnel and friends who have been playing music together for so long. But it’s hard what to say when you lose him.”

Gilang, who has been making music with Donny Suhendra for a long time, was of course very sad when Donny died. However, as a musician, life must also continue to continue to make music.

“We as Donny’s friends wish him the best. From his family and Krakatoa also thank you for giving something for him.” (M-2)


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