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Monitor Early, These are 3 Phases of Child’s Teeth Growth

Monitor Early, These are 3 Phases of Child’s Teeth Growth

Suara.com – Parents should pay extra attention to child’s teething phase. In addition to ensuring that the teething phase takes place according to their age, don’t forget to take care of your child’s dental health and oral hygiene!

Teething It is a physiological process experienced by all children. Generally it takes two years for the baby’s teeth to grow completely. Generally, babies teething starts from the age of 6 to 30 months.

Quoting from the IDAI page (Indonesian Pediatric Association), the growth process child’s teeth divided into 3 phases, namely:

  • Primary teeth phase: generally occurs when the baby is 8-14 months old. This is the first time the baby’s first teeth erupt. This phase will end when the child is 5-6 years old when the permanent teeth begin to grow in his oral cavity. In this phase, a normal child’s oral cavity consists of 20 primary teeth (10 teeth in the upper jaw and 10 teeth in the lower jaw).
  • Mixed phase of primary and permanent teeth: at this time, permanent teeth begin to appear.
  • The permanent dentition phase: occurs when all primary teeth are lost, usually by age 12.

The growth of this child’s teeth needs to be monitored from an early age. If there is a problem that is not treated immediately, tooth decay in children will greatly affect their growth and development.

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If a tooth is damaged (caries or cavities), for example, in addition to making the teeth look less neat and affecting the child’s self-confidence, it will also affect the child’s physical growth, such as impaired growth of the jaw, joints, and tooth arrangement.

Disorders of the teeth have the potential to make it difficult for children to eat so that their nutritional intake is less than optimal.

So, don’t forget to always monitor the growth phase of your child’s teeth, and take care of their dental health to support optimal growth and development.


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