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Mobile Traders in Mecca Can Speak Indonesian, Sell Bakwan at this Price

Mobile Traders in Mecca Can Speak Indonesian, Sell Bakwan at this Price

Suara.com – When visiting abroad, sometimes there is a feeling of longing for Indonesian specialties. Unfortunately, abroad it is sometimes quite difficult to find sellers of Indonesian dishes.

Who would have thought, di meccaSaudi Arabia, there are sellers bakwan typical Indonesian which is peddled by walking around. This is what it looks like in the TikTok account upload @fikri.fadlu.

In the upload, a man meets a child trader who sells bakwan around in Mecca. The merchant puts his wares in cardboard boxes and calls them bala-bala.

In a number of areas in Indonesia, bakwan is indeed referred to as bala-bala. Unexpectedly, the merchant can speak Indonesian.

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“The seller here really understands Indonesiansome even know Sundanese too, you know,” this man explained. When transacting, this man also uses Indonesian with the merchant.

The bakwan price is priced at 5 Riyals or around Rp. 20 thousand for 3 pieces. Of course the price is more expensive than Indonesia because bakwan is sold in Mecca.

According to this man, the taste is similar to the one in Indonesia. It’s just that the bakwan is not neat, cold, and no cayenne pepper is provided.

This video has attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Various comments filled this upload.

“It’s really nice to see young children abroad can speak Indonesian,” a netizen commented.

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Other netizens also commented. “Let alone Sundanese, there are many Javanese who can do it,” said this netizen.

“It’s really fun to chat with the seller also using Indonesian, which is also sold by bakwan,” write other netizens in the comments column.

Meanwhile, as of Tuesday (27/7/2022), this video has been watched more than 7 million times on TikTok.


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